Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Minute (Proven) Father Day Gifts

Some weeks go by fast and some go by slow. Murphy's Law dictates that when it's the week before Father's Day, time flies fast forward and the To Do list grows exponentially long. At least it has for me in these early preschool years, where I'm trying to just keep everything afloat.

Father's Day is not a day to be missed, for all the hard work daddies do nowadays. So, here are some of last minute gift ideas that have been a hit with Hubby. These were gifts I could make myself after Hubby hit the pillow the night before, run out to the mall on Saturday, or buy from Amazon with 1 day shipping:

1. Moleskin Notebook - Picasso, Matisse and Hemingway used it and Hubby liked it's simple design and signature elastic bookmark. I like the print inspired covers for notebooks, but this one hit home for Hubby. A quick run into a nearby stationery store or click online, and I'm good to go.

2. Baseball Cap and a cool T-Shirt - This is a fun one to get, 'cuz usually a year has rolled by and the cap I got him last year has been trampled by the stoller in the back trunk. To avoid having Hubby grab his geeky t-shirts with company logos (please only at work, honey!), I like to pick up a fresh T. An extra important side note: Hubby appreciates it, too. An hour at Macy's, and I'm done.

3. Sony's Shower Radio and Fogless Shaving Mirror - This was definitely a crowd pleaser gift set. I bought cheaper shower radios before, but it would just break easily with bad suction cups on the walls, not to mention poor reception. The Sony one has been great. And those fogless shaving mirrors don't stay fogless forever, so it's great to get a new one.

4. Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Okay, Sssshhh! This is my Father's Day gift to Hubby this year (I told him do NOT read today's post!). Hubby wants to start running, so I think this will be a good motivator, to help him hit his peak heartrate and lose those pregnancy empathy pounds. I bought Timex as a good middle of the road watch before going hard core with too much features with a Polar.

5. Cool shoes - This one is easy because of Hubby can return them easily if it's not the perfect fit, but at least I've got the style picked out for him.

6. Photo Travel Mug - This is easy to pick up at Target, Starbucks, or the local camera store. I print out the pictures off the computer and spend a few hours with TJ's stick of glue, insert, and voila! Lots of adorable family photos to hold Hubby's java.

7. Photo Framed for the Office - Hubby loved having a ready made picture frame with him as Daddy to take to the office. It's fun to finally buy those adorable picture frames they sell at the Hallmark store around Father's Day.

8. Daddy Slideshow - This is a lot of work, but worth the smile I saw on Hubby's face. I sat around into the night and picked out all the photos with him as Daddy and put them in a Picasa folder. Then, I clicked "slideshow" on Father's Day and Hubby got to enjoy seeing the journey of fatherhood, a picture at a time. I sent the link out to familly and it was props to Hubby for being a great dad.

9. Homemade Cinnamon Maple French Toast - This recipe is DA BOMB! I found it on, made it for the first time a few months ago, before I had baby #2 (since I wasn't sure when I'd get to do it again). Two Bonnie changes: I use Brioche bread and sprinkle a dash of cinnamon in the custard. Guarantee: a heavenly smelling house while baking. Hubby has been requesting it since! I will surprise him with it this weekend (if I can squeeze it in!)

Happy, Happy Father's Day everyone ..!

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