Monday, June 15, 2009

I've Been Cast: Three Boys and a Mommy

Okay now. I don't regret having ever prayed for two boys. I would still definitely choose having boys over girls 'cuz I grew up with all women. My mom, my sis and me. I feel like I've been there, done that.

But, the truth is dawning. I'm starting to realize my life has become a sitcom of some sorts. I'm reminded of the movie Three Men and a Baby, except the movie I've been cast in is "Three Boys and a Mommy". I'm the Mommy. My sons TJ, CJ, and Hubby are the Three Boys.

Now, I'm no stranger to chillin' with guys. I've played kickball with the best of the little squirts, speed dissected a frog in junior high science lab in ten seconds flat, and debated 'til the cows came home no matter what encyclopedic Urkel they'd throw my way.

Not even my days as an engineering major with the geekiest guys in college, though, could prepare me for life as a female in the minority.

I knew cars and trucks were gonna be staples in the toy purchasing department. But, I never could've anticipated how annoying it would be to hear them crashing into each other hour after hour. I still cringe every night I go through the house with the Swiffer to sweep away the debris of paint chips, after a day of car crunching destruction.

And hello! Is there anything else we can talk about other than answering questions like, "Why does Peter Pan have a sword?" or "What does a gun do?" Not just once, but repeated ad nauseum.

I don't find the idea of playing with dolls particularly appealing, but having played "the bad guy" whose legs and arms get chopped off everyday by TJ who's always "the good guy", pink and girly is sounding mighty calm and soothing.

The other day, as we were listening to classical music, I drilled TJ with questions to identify which instruments were playing.

"Okay, TJ, what instrument is playing now?" TJ answers cello, which is correct. "Awesome!"

After ID'ing the instruments correctly, I decide to take it to the next level and teach some lessons in music appreciation.

"Each of the instruments is telling a story," I explain. "Try to listen and imagine what is happening. For example, I hear the violins and it sounds like birds are flying and happy. Now, what do think of when the cello is playing?"

I hold my breath, anticipating a pretty good answer, since TJ is quiet, deep in thought.

Careful not to break his reverie, I softly ask again,"So, what do you imagine? Anything?"

Looking quite reflective, TJ slowly proclaims, "Yes, Mommy! I think of .... CHEESE!"

"Cheese?!!? Did you say cheese?!" Are you serious, TJ?

"Uh-huh! It's lots and lots of cheese ... on a big cheeseburger!"

Need I say more?

Well, at least I've got great material for a future movie script!


Vered - MomGrind said...

This is completely foreign to me. I have two girls. :)

Bonnie Gray said...

Lucky you, Vered! ;) My friends who have girls tell me their kids have quiet time in place of naps. "Quiet" time? .. Totally foreign to me!