Monday, June 1, 2009

How My Weekend Was Spent with a Cleaning Product in a Tech Museum with Bill Nye the Science Guy

I didn't think I'd be very much interested in attending a product presentation about a cleaning product on a precious Saturday (hello, I know I'm a mom, but puh-leeeze -- cleaning is the last thing on my mind come Saturday morning!).

But since the folks at Activeion treated Silicon Valley Mom Bloggers and their families to a free day at the San Jose Tech Museum and also a chance to see Bill Nye the Science Guy explain how the thing works, I was there.

TJ LOVES science. Even though he's only three, if you were to ask him, "What is science?", he'd answer,"It's how things work." He got that from watching Sid the Science Kid.

TJ's not old enough yet to get into watching Bill Nye on TV, but Bill Nye live? .. The thought of anyone doing a live experiment was enough to motivate the little guy to get buckled into his carseat (trust me, getting into the car can take forever).

The product spiel itself was pretty quick. And that was good because with a third of the room filled with little kids, it kept my anxiety level low. The fun part was seeing Bill Nye in his element making a smoke machine out of a plastic garbage can that shot out cannonballs made of smoke (you just had to be there to hear all the gasps and squeals of delight erupting in the room). TJ confirmed the experiment was a hit when he proclaimed, "I liked it when he did all those tricks!"

As for the product Activeion Pro itself? .. All I can say is that it would be a dream come true if it really does work as advertised! It claims to work like a general household cleaner that can clean glass, hard surfaces and carpet -- and kill >99.9% of bacteria -- WITH ONLY TAP WATER! Yes, I'm totally serious. No chemicals. Totally safe for people (esp. the moms who clean and kids who are around 'em) and the environment.

The marketing pamphlet explains that when I press and hold the trigger of the pump, the water gets "infused with charged, super-oxygenated nano-bubbles.. the water is activated to attack dirt."

Does it actually work, you ask? .. Well, Activeion put the power in our hands by actually sending us home with a complimentary Activeion Pro to put it to the test ourselves.

What happened when I went home to conduct my own experiment and started spraying stuff to see if it actually worked? Stay tuned.. Hubby and I actually went at it and the results? .. That'll be another post. ;)

As for the San Jose Tech Museum?! Wow! It was so much fun. Not so much because I was into staring and pressing buttons at all the different monitors that were placed throughout various exhibits -- But because my son was into it! .. Which meant an easy afternoon of entertainment! YEAH!

Isn't it interesting what constitutes as entertainment as a mom now? .. When I was single, strolling through a tech museum probably would've landed at the bottom of my list of Things to Do on Saturday. An art museum? Yes. But, after a work week in the technology industry, no thanks. I want to get away from computers as far as possible on Saturdays and be outside.

Actually, I was really pleasantly surprised.

I actually had a favorite at the Tech Museum: I got to ride a Segway! On the roof the the Tech Museum, overseeing the high rises of San Jose Downtown. That was TOTALLY AWESOME! (Don't I look like a nerd?.. The guy behind me is watching to make sure I don't steer the thing off the path and injure anyone..)

TJ's favorite? He loved the music "machine". Really, it was digital DJ station. And we couldn't tear him away from it. Kids just love music. It's a natural attraction that all children respond to.

Hubby's favorite? He loved the thingmajig that takes thermo-photos, that shows the the different temperature readings on your body - hottest is red. Here's our thermo-family photo! (CJ is snoozing in his car seat)..

And how about 2.5 month old CJ's favorite? Riding in the Baby Bjorn, soaking in all the new lights and sounds. And of course, dozing off to the nice background buzz in the museum.

Some stuff could definitely be more appreciated by older kids.. like the hologram making demonstration, which TJ couldn't entirely sit still for, while the camera took pictures revolving around him. But, everything is so new and cool, it didn't matter. TJ had a BLAST!

We'll have to go back to catch the IMAX movies on the big dome picture experience. We didn't want to push our luck and just "walk away" while we were ahead :).

The Tech Museum itself is in downtown San Jose, so it was a fun experience for TJ during our walk to the museum from the parking lot. He saw a lightrail up close passing by, as we waited at a stop light, and walked through a sculputre of fountain. He had fun soaking in the downtown atmosphere.

Overall, I would say it's definitely worth spending a morning or afternoon for family fun!


svtwinmom said...

Bonnie, these are adorable pictures and now I'm wishing we'd stayed to enjoy the museum rather than dashed off to the Maker Faire (paying full price!).

The photo of you on the Segway is awesome! Did you feel like a mall cop? ;)

Bonnie Gray said...

Oh, Maker Faire is gonna be our stop next year... when the boys are older! And yes, I couldn't help giggling riding the Segway feeling like a total nerd!