Monday, May 25, 2009

A Restful Weekend Away

Last weekend, I went on a sorely needed three day retreat with my church's women's group. Hubby had gone on a week long business trip and I was left with a six week newborn and a three year old toddler. I was wired to the tilt, having to do night feedings, handle night wakings, and juggle the two during the day.

By the time Hubby got home, I was an andrenaline-wired zombie. I just couldn't shut off, I had been "on" so many days. Hubby did all the night feedings when I came back, but I just couldn't fall asleep. There were also TJ's night wakings peppered throughout, because he only wanted "Mommy". I was in trouble when even sleeping pills didn't do the job.

Thank goodness, the last second, there was space for me to sign up for our church's women's retreat. To my surprise, when I arrived, the retreat campus was right next to the beach! I stayed at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, and I had oceanside view right from my room. The sight of the ocean, the sound of the tide, and quietness washed over me. I was in seventh heaven.

I went for the physical rest, just to get away. What I also got, but didn't expect, was the encouragement from other women! At first, I didn't feel like doing much talking, but I had fun just listening to other women's stories. By the end of the retreat, I made some new friends. It was great to laugh about all the things that can make you cry, you know?

As for spiritual renewal, I finally enjoyed what I crave so much: journaling and prayer. I learned some important things about myself, that enabled me to have some personal breakthroughs and grow in this season of my life as mom of two.

With some quiet time to rest, space to reflect, and warm food to eat (that I did not have to prepare!), I was able to do what sleeping pills could not accomplish: sleep.

Of course, I missed Hubby and kids like crazy. Because I was all too familiar with the schedule back home, I couldn't help but wonder how things were going. When I was on the beach and saw a golden retriever running through the waves, I flashed back to the sweet memory of the day Hubby proposed to me on the beach. With arms locked around each other, we also smiled at a wet dog enjoying the spray of the ocean.

My husband was wonderful to encourage me to enjoy the time away and stuck it out for two nights. As I called to check-in on my way back, poor Hubby revealed he hadn't slept a wink the whole weekend as well. I donned my virtual "super-cape" on, and went back refreshed and rested to the family I love, my life with two kids.


Asianmommy said...

How nice that you got some time to get away and recharge.

Bonnie Gray said...

Asianmommy, It is amazing how good it felt!

Baby Gender Predictor said...

Finding time to get away for a well earned is absolutely essential for any mom, in my opinion. IT's not just about relaxing but moments alone bring a whole new clarity of thought.