Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Happy Mother's Day

I had the absolute best Mother's Day. My Hubby started the celebration off on Saturday by sending me off for an afternoon at the spa (What a sweetheart!). I came home feeling very pretty and pink, floating on air, after a steam bath, a dip in the jaccuzzi and an hour long facial.

I pulled into the garage and as TJ ran over to welcome me home, he asked, "What did they do to your face?!" I had told him that Mommy was going to get some special lotions and creams on my face at the "spa".

"Here, come smell.. Doesn't mommy smell good?" I asked, offering him a sniff of my cheek.

TJ takes a whiff and wrinkles his nose, "Eeeewww.. YUCK!.. There're bugs on your face!" And runs away laughing. Boys!! That's why they say they're made of snails and puppy dog tails!

Today, we took some pictures with my two boys. CJ was SO adorable, I wanted to just eat him up. He's two months old this weekend! He is such a cutie, I got a video of him talking to me. Seriously. I'd talk to him and he'd coo and goo-goo-ga-ga. I'm so serious, he really did!

As for TJ, we're best buds. TJ wanted to be a pirate for our photo session and as you can see, we were hamming it up for the camera. Ahoy, Mommy Mateys! Happy Mother's Day!


glutenfree4goofs said...

Cute blog! I just stopped by looking to find how onions grow. :) Seems you found out the hard way! Ha ha! I read some of your more recent posts and you made me laugh. Happy mother's day and amen to the Coffee outing. Whew, I've got four kids and the two thing I would give anything to do are go out for coffee and ride my horse. Lol Nice meeting you.

Bonnie Gray said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Jessie! I visited your blog and felt like such a loser mom when I read your poem. Your poem was beautiful, while I can hardly string two sentences together, juggling just two. And you have four! Amazing, girl!