Friday, May 29, 2009

A First Family Outing out at the Tracks -- Train Tracks

Our family finally hit a week of stable sleeping schedules. TJ no longer woke up throughout the night and CJ was able to sleep until 3am (some nights it's been 4am or 5am!).

Finally rested with five or six hrs of sleep at night (amazing what constitutes as "rest" now that I'm a parent!), Hubby and I decided to attempt our first "family outing" of four. Sure, we've done quick ventures to go out to lunch, but nothing that took longer than 2 hours. We've always returned home before the proverbial coach turned into a pumpkin.

Last week's Memorial holiday brought us a three day weekend, so we knew if things didn't quite work out, we had an extra day to recover. So, we set our sights on a local favorite of TJ's:
the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad in Los Gatos, CA.

Running since 1970, the railroad is a real steam engine that takes a scenic tour between Oak Meadows Park and Vasona Park. It's just a 10 minute ride, so the line isn't long (key to success for antsy toddlers). What's also great is there is a carousel that dates back to 1915!

And TJ goes crazy bonkers riding it. And to our surprise, little 2.5 month old CJ loved it, too! His cute little eyes darting back and forth, up and down, checking out the new sounds and sights. I was so happy to be able to join CJ & Hubby on the ride. I actually wasn't expecting to be able to go on it. But, it was such a quick and gentle ride, I think CJ might have even felt a bit lullabyed by the ride!

It's a nostalgic little mini-vacation that is toddler and newborn size: popsicles, popcorn, shaved ice cones, and even fresh grilled hot dogs. So, after the train and carousel ride, it's easy to kill time getting some yummy snacks.

What's also convenient is that the train and carousel are both nestled inside a park with a playground. So, after the snacks, Hubby and I could leisurely walk hand-in-hand, with TJ running ahead of us, playing on the play structures. And what about CJ, you ask? He was dozing away happily in the stroller (I'm very good at steering the stroller with one hand now!)

So, it was a great Memorial Weekend for the Gray family - we were out and didn't get back until the evening! I know not every fun, family holiday outing will go as smoothly, but when it does, how sweet it is!


lespetites said...

Love the shades in the last photo! Too funny!!

Asianmommy said...

How cute! What a fun day.

Bonnie Gray said...

@lespetites & Asianmommy -- Yeah, it's nice when a day out turns out well.. gives us courage to venture out again!