Saturday, May 2, 2009

Can You Guess? My Favorite Things Post-Birth

Guess where I went the first time I got out of the house after giving birth? It was exactly 10 days I was "shut in". Not only was I recovering from giving birth to a nearly 9 lb baby (as one of my friends commented, practically a "bowling ball"), I was tethered to CJ for around the clock feedings. It was just brutal. Then, halfway into the 2nd week, I was healing up pretty well and baby settled down a bit. I was dying to get out of the house.

I asked one of my closer girlfriends to guess where I ventured out, and she replied, "Hmm.. Well.. " thinking outloud, "I don't think you'd go for a facial.. " Oh, man if I wasn't so sleep deprived, I would've definitely hit the spa..

"Umm.. lemme guess.. Was it grocery shopping?!" she asked with some confidence.

"Are you C-R-A-Z-Y?! NO WAY!" I shot back. Hmm.. maybe this isn't one of my closer girlfriend, after all. I would not want to do anything domestic!

After a few more wrong guesses, like going to the gym or going to Target, I revealed my answer.

"THE MALL!" as if it wasn't obvious. Come on!

Now, let me make clear. I did not go to the mall to shop. 'Cuz after all, pssst... I'm still wearing maternity clothes. My post-natal body was not exactly giving me inspiration to go try out the latest spring fashions.

I was just wanting to be in the mall for the hustle and bustle. Ahh.. Serenity now... You know that calm buzz that fills you when you're in the mall? .. It's the kinda peaceful trance that hails back to when I'd hit the mall as a teenager. Even if I could only buy a pair of earrings that cost a few bucks, I loved kicking it back with an Orange Julius at the food court with a gal pal.

Except, fast forward, now I'm in my 30's, kickin' it with my sweetheart, Hubby. And it's no longer an orange drink I'm sippin'.

Nope, it's a delicious decaf mocha with my favorite chocolate brioche. And for my main squeeze, he stuck with a buttery, palmier (which was delicious, btw!). Eventhough we took CJ with us, he was the dreambaby 2nd week newborn - snoring away for hours while we giggled and laughed at how lucky we had it with our good sleeper.

Oh, pastries, coffee.. and the mall. Life couldn't be better!

If only we knew life would take a turn for sleeplessness in a couple of weeks... Ah! Igorance is bliss!

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