Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brotherly Love is in the Air

I love, love, love these photos. When I look at them, I tell myself all the sleep deprivation and insanity-filled days juggling a newborn and a toddler are worth it.

You see, I am only human. At two months young, CJ is at the age where he's not portable anymore, but is still learning to nap. In other words, I'm homebound... along with his three year old brother!

Umpteen times a day, I am called to respond to three year old questions like:

"Why do I have to eat my breakfast/lunch/dinner/veges/fruit/fill_in_the_blank_food?" or "Why is the sky blue?". All the while, I'm trying to feed, nap, diaper, and burp CJ on 4 hours of sleep. Not to mention cook, clean, and launder (remind me why am I not getting paid for this?).

Parenting a three year old feels a bit like parenting a teenager.The kid wants independence, but still requires supervision. A lot of messes are made that I have to clean up. These "learning opportunities" might be innocuous, like "I want to pour the milk!". But, it might also involve situations that are not for the fainthearted.. "Mommy, I went poop, and I wiped all by myself!" Oh, isn't that so wonderful, son! ... Ahem.. excuse me while I totally g-r-o-s-s o-u-t!

Then, a moment like this appears. While I'm sitting on the sofa, feeding CJ, semi-zoning as I run through my mental list of my to-do's, TJ stops zooming and crashing his cars to come ask me a question.

"Can I hold CJ?" TJ asks wide-eyed and excited.

For a moment, I almost say, "No, honey. CJ is still eating. Don't bother him while he's feeding."

Thankfully, I change my mind.

I'm so glad I had a moment of clarity, which doesn't always happen. As I show TJ how to hold his brother, he did something that just blew me away.

TJ snuggled his little brother up close, giggled, and said ever so sweetly, "I love you, CJ."

Yep. This is what I dreamed of when I was pregnant. This is why I wanted to have a second baby boy. So that the world can see brotherly love. It turns out that world is my world, right on a snack stained couch, smack dab on this tired, but happy mother's heart.

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lespetites said...

That is so darling, thanks for sharing!