Saturday, February 14, 2009

Keeping the Love Alive, One Card at a Time

Hubby and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day with a date out, rather than buying any gifts. We mutually felt that paying for a babysitter and dinner out was the best gift we could give each other, while keeping an eye on our budget.

After all, celebrating our love was what was most important.

But, we also agreed that exchanging Valentine cards was important to keep as a tradition. We both love giving and getting cards from each other. It's one of the things in our marriage that we treasure. It's a piece of our history as a couple that we want to keep alive and well, that's untouched by the dailyness of married life.

When I was searching for a Valentine's Day card, I went first to the section that was for "Husband". I only had a few minutes with TJ there with me at the card store, where he literally was the proverbial "bull in a china shop". So, I had to do speed reading of the cards to find the just the right one.

I don't know if you found this to be true, but a lot of the cards for husbands say things like, "I know I don't say I love you very much.." or something along the vein of "Even though we argue and don't get a chance to spend time together.." .. Happy Valentine's Day!

It was a bit disturbing to read because if I move a few inches over to the "Love" section, everything was romantic and lovey dovey. Is this the state of marriages nowadays? Even if marriages are strained because of bills, diapers, and schedules, shouldn't Valentine's Day be the one day of the year where you reminisce and focus on the romance?

I asked a bunch of my girlfriends about this the next time we had a playdate with all our toddlers, and to my relief everybody agreed. It was disappointing to not find a sappy, sentimental romantic card that was "For My Husband". Instead, we all did end up choosing a card from the "Love" section.

It's during tough economic times like these that it's important to keep what's most important alive: love. One card at a time.

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