Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Grumpy Repair

Yesterday was a bbbaaadd day. There are many things that can make a day a bad. At the top of list of seriously bad days, it could be ending up in the hospital, a car getting wrecked, or losing a job. All of which I've experienced, by the way.

But, there are also lower grade reasons why a day could be bad. For starters, our refrigerator is in need of repair. The fan is hecka loud and it turns on more times a day than it's off. I mean, a refrigerator is meant to just be in the kitchen, you know? It's not meant to give off noise loud enough to give you a migraine sitting there on the kitchen counter. It reminds me of being on the floor of a data center. And if you haven't been on one, I liken the noise level to a microwave hooked up on steroids.

To make matters worse, the refrigerator repairman arrives mid-afternoon, when TJ is most tired and grumpy. Fine, a grumpy toddler is a part of a mom's life, right? But, a grumpy, gruff repairman? Aaarrggh! It's like rubbing salt on an open wound.

For starters, he tells me I need to empty the freezer. The last guy emptied it and put the stuff on the counter. Here I am, almost 8 months pregnant, trying to hold up a cooler to unpack the fridge. There he is standing there!

But, the worse part is when he's done checking out the fridge. He announces that nothing is broken and nothing is wrong. The refrigerator temperature checks out.

"Yes, but the problem is that the fan is always on and it's very loud. Can't you hear it?"

"Well, that's what happens when you have an old refrigerator. It has to work harder to keep the fridge a certain temperature. If you find the noise annoying, I can't help you. You can get a new fridge."

Great. Thanks a lot buddy. I wasn't gonna give up so easily.

"Okay, I know that I can get a new fridge. Eventhough a part may not be physically broken, can't it be possible it needs to be replaced, due to wear and tear? It's obviously degraded. You can't tell me it's normal to have a fridge buzzing in your ear nearly 24 hours a day."

There. I felt I had a winning argument.

"Well, I can't help. Unless a part is actually broken, or your fridge is broken down and food is melting, I can't order any parts."

Okay, then I go for my next strategy. I'm just gonna wear him down and just keep repeating myself a gazillion different ways. I insist something has to be done. Politely, I stand my ground.

"I just can't believe that nothing can be done. There must be something that can be done..."
Well, it ends up my grumpy repairman finally caved in. He orders a new motor. He leaves. I close the door and I'm just exhausted. Grumpy people are just draining, you know?

So, if you are having a grumpy day, my condolences are with you. But before infecting others with grumpiness, please stay home, call up a friend, eat some chocolate or go get yourself a nice, warm hug.


Asianmommy said...

I hope the new motor does the trick!

Bonnie Gray said...

Thanks! It seems to be working now!