Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Year's Resolution .. Like Britney's?!

I was skimming over the different headlines in the Entertainment News in Yahoo!, and one caught my eye, "Stars 2009 New Year's Resolutions". I know, who cares, right? But, alas, I guess inside this girl's chain of DNA lies a small speck of get-the-latest-dish gene -- and I clicked to check it out.

Of course, I wasn't surprised to find the typical goals you'd find on anybody's New Year's Resolution list. I'd categorized them into big buckets like:

1. Health - Eating and/or fitness
2. Happiness
3. Breaking old habits
4. Starting new habits
What are my top 3? .. Well, last night, on New Year's Eve, Hubby and I took turns guessing what each other's resolutions were. It's a fun game we play. It kinda reveals how well we know each other, and even offers up some subliminal "suggestions" on what the other person may want to consider putting on their list.

The bulk of my resolutions fall into "Break an old habit":
1. Worry less. (Break an old habit)
2. Blog more. (Start a new habit)
3. Stop piling. (Break an old habit)
Hubby did pretty good. He got 2 out of 3. Hubby guessed my #2 and #3 resolutions to blog more and eliminate piling. It felt good to know he's in sync with where my personal goals are.

For my #3 resolution to stop piling, I wrote an article, called "Next Year, I Am Really Gonna Stop Piling" on Silicon Valley Moms Blog. It apparently hit such a common cord, it got picked up for national syndication by Mcclatchy-Tribune. Hopefully, I can get some suggestions from readers on how to tackle this problem.

My number #1 goal for 2009, though, surprisingly matched Britney Spear's new year resolution: to worry less. Geez, I never thought I'd have anything in common with Britney other than being of the female gender.

This is a good reminder: fame and fortune can't bring anyone a worry-free life. The key to a worry free life isn't found in having enough money or even personal success. Finding that key and applying it to my life is going to be my journey this coming year.

I can't wait to discover it. I know I will. And I'm not worried about it one bit. Whatever your new year's resolutions are, Happy New Year!

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