Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Any Excuse Graham Cracker Crust

I love graham crackers. Even as an adult, I've always had them stocked in the pantry. I love the way they crunch and they taste honey sweet. I never outgrow them.

And now that it's summer .. Oh, boy, I can't wait for an excuse to make a dessert that calls for a graham cracker crust. Of course, the first pie that comes to mind is my Favorite Fresh Strawberry Pie. When I was single and needed to bring a dessert to a friend's for potluck, I would grab a pre-made crust at the store for speed and ease.

Now that I'm a mom, I actually chose to bake it. It only take 10 minutes to grind up the graham crackers and then I pop it in the oven. So fast, and my goodness, the aroma of the baking graham cracker crust, really brings a smile to everyone in the house. Plus, it really does make the pie 100% more home-made delicious.

Baking now, as a mom, is not for convenience sake. Baking now is a guilty pleasure, to steal some time to get lost in the steps of a recipe, work with my hands, and smell something delicious drifting into the air.

Most pie crusts can be made in advance, so that would also cut down on pie making time.

7/9 Update: I had to remove the recipe from this post. America's Test Kitchen PR contacted me and asked me to take down the recipe. They have very strict guidelines to post a recipe on line, and I would need permission to use it. They do have the recipe on their site, but you have to be a "Premium Member" to view it. Sorry!

Graham cracker crusts are generally really easy and super fast, so if you have a cookbook, I'm sure your recipe will do just fine.

If you happen to bake one, post a comment me and lemme know how it turns out, 'k?

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