Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Brain is a Sieve

Sinkimg_7630Why are the cabinets under the sink are empty, you ask? No, we're not moving. And no, there wasn't a break-in committed at our house. There is a logical explanation to why all the drawers have been pulled out and everything is gone.

You see, my brain is to blame. I'm always fighting to go against the mommy stereotypes I had often heard about in my pre-mom days. Mommy brain is the term I heard thrown around when my friends would forget to call me back or return my emails. C'mon, I thought, how hard can it be to just click "Reply" and shoot a quick email. Or redial on the cell phone?

Before you tell me I was loser friend, lemme tell you. I'm getting it all back in spades. My brain is no longer a sponge. I can't even remember my Hubby's cell phone. I've got to hit speed dial to get his phone ringing.

I think my brain's final transformation from sponge to sieve was timed to coincide with the first rite of summertime: hitting the swimming pools.

TJ finally got to sport his new Thomas The Tank Engine swim trunks. A day later, I realized I forgot to wash them when I peeled them off him. So now they smelled a bit like dried chlorine.

And what I love to do often is what I call "soaking". Soaking is my secret household weapon that Hubby continually finds baffling.

"Can I help wash these dirty dishes in the sink?" Hubby likes looking at an empty, cleaned up sink.

"They're soaking. I'll get to them." Soaking is used when I'm multi-tasking around the house.

"Um, what about this wet shirt in the bathroom sink?" Hubby hollers from upstairs.

"Yeah, those are soaking too." Oh, shoot. I need to scrub that stain out before it actually disintegrates the one shirt I love.

"But, weren't they soaking here earlier this morning?" Uh.. oops.

Yeah, I know soaking should only take a few minutes, maybe ten minutes top. But, I've got so much juggling around in my head that I sometimes forget. Wait a minute. What was I just about to do? I mean, every time I try to make a dent in what needs to get done, I turn around and TJ is getting into something. So my queue of things to-do is always growing.

It's a lot like playing the advanced level of Tetris. All the odd shaped L and T bricks are raining down like dogs and cats. There's just no way to lay them on perfectly in the right places.

Except this time, things really didn't end right.

Game Over flashed across my mind when I heard a traumatic cry of SOS. "BOOOOONNNNNNIIIEEE! COME HERE QUICK!!!!!"

"What is it?!" I quickly put the last pair of TJ's Cars underwear in this drawer and closed it shut. I start making my way to our bedroom.

O-M-G! It's the Niagra Falls in our master bedroom sink! I FORGOT TO TURN THE WATER FAUCET OFF while I was "soaking" TJ's swim trunks! AAAAHHHH!!

It was like a scene from one of those family comedies. Except this was not a movie. Water was spilling everywhere, into the bottom cabinets with inches of water filling up. Q-tips floating around, my cotton balls were saturated ballooning with water, and packets of travel-sized tissue were bobbing around. And our carpets, drenched and wet.

It took Hubby and me an entire morning to clean out the mess and a full day plus to dry it out. There were 3 garbage bags worth of casualty. Years and years worth of cosmetic samples I never used and stuck in my drawers and make-up that dated back to my wedding. Not to mention, a bunch of other stuff that needed to be left out to dry. I hope I don't get electrocuted when I plug that hair dryer in.

So, the lessons learned? Don't soak swim trunks because the material is not water permeable. Other stuff? Don't worry. A few minutes soak time should be just fine.


Vered said...

WOW! That's just amazing! I am so sorry that you had to deal with that and so proud of you that you can laugh about it. :)

I totally believe in Mommy Brain and I do think it's the juggling of so much stuff that causes the forgetfulness.


Bonnie Gray said...

Hey Vered - So, it doesn't get better as the kids get older, huh? .. Yeah, I gotta learn to laugh or else, I'll end up a basket case.. Hopefully, one day, I'll be one of those happy-go-lucky grandmas that all the grandkids love to be around..