Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Want a Wii Fit Now.. Uh-Oh

Oh, boy. What am I gonna do? I've been burying my head in the sand when it has come to video games. I am not gonna get addicted like my other friends who dream of becoming the ultimate Guitar Hero, I've told myself. Hey, even my thirty-something sister and her boyfriend at the time have spent hours into the late night playing video games. Don't young people want to go out and do something else except stare at a screen punching like crazy on their game consoles?

Wow. Don't I sound like an old geezer. But, now the tide has turned. Gosh, it's embarrassing.

I totally want the Wii Fit! Wii recently threw a party to introduce Ninetendo's latest technology feat for a bunch of the Silicon Valley Mom Bloggers at CityMama's home.

No, I didn't go for the delicious fruit smoothies they made for us. And it wasn't even for the cool spread we were treated to (I love pita and hummus!).

I went because we got to try it the Wii Fit. And now, I'm in trouble. 'Cuz I am so hooked.

The Wii Fit is interactive play that could help me keep fit while having fun. I am very competitive by nature, so the fact that all the activities are about measuring performance and scoring points is very motivating for me. I also like that offers different levels of difficulty and keeps track of where I'm at.

I live here in Silicon Valley, so I have to say I'm a bit desensitized to high tech claims of products. But, I was SO impressed with really how high tech the Wii Fit is. It shows me in real time how I'm doing with my yoga stretches, with a visual on how well I'm into a stretch. And it also is super sensitive to how I'm standing or shifting my weight, as I do the balancing strengthening exercises. It even knew if I was wiggling my toes!

The thing that really sealed the deal for me though was how much I laughed going through all the aerobic exercises. They are really funny games that really make you laugh. I was a penguin trying to jump around on an iceberg, swallowing fish flying in the air in one game and next I was the goalie in the soccer game getting old shoes shot at my head! (I LOVED soccer as a tomboy and could out dribble any boy in school :)! It felt GOOD to laugh and be silly, while keeping fit.

Anyways, now I'm at a dilemna, 'cuz I really wanted our house to be a video free zone. I don't like the thought of TJ whining and harrassing me to play video games for hours on end. And I don't want him lost from earth if I lose him to video game addiction.

But, I want a Wii Fit now .. The price for a Wii Fit I know is reasonable for video games nowadays. But, it's definitely a Christmas gift or a very special birthday gift.. maybe. We'll see.

But, yep, I woke up the next day sore in all the right places.. It actually works! Now, I can't get the Wii Fit out of my mind.


Vered said...

Well, life is short... if you want it so badly, I say GET IT.


Plus it's not just a video game - it's about fitness which is a good thing.

Joe Chen said...

I hope you get it... then tell Tina about it. :)

Bonnie Gray said...

Joe & Vered - oooh, you guys are BAD! ;) .. Honey.. ! Come read these comments.. !