Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hives, Hives, Hives!

Oh, man it's been too long since I've posted. It's not because I haven't wanted to. I've definitely been experiencing the effects of blogging withdrawal.

Well, for one thing I've been super busy with working on a new line organic cart covers for Just Peachy Baby. Although I've released an initial set of 3 colors, having the fabrics custom made, with custom dyeing too a lot of back and forth -- and everything in between. There was a lot of woman-hours working on putting these three organic versions together!

After pushing through many late nights, my organic "babies" were born. Yes, it took a lot of labor, but it was a labor of love. I would've chalked it all crazy busy days as another day in the life of a small business owner.. except this time, I got HIVES!

Hubby and I had just gone out on a date and we were in high spirits. An evening off being together is always great. But, as I got ready for bed, I noticed splotches of red bumps appearing all over the front and back of my body!

What?! My first thought was, "Okay, it was probably the lamb I ate at that new Afghan place tonight." But, as another hour passed, the welts went from itching, to burning, to swelling up in large masses. Okay, now I was really freaking out!

Usually if I have an allergic reaction, it has been bumps and rashes. But, I've never had this happen to me. I mean hives all over my scalp and even down to my legs, on the soles of my hands and feet (Have I grossed you out, yet?) ;)

That night, I couldn't sleep until 3am, from the sheer pain of the hives.

That was just the beginning of many weeks of agony, without knowing why I have the hives. It's very hard to pinpoint, since you don't want to try all the things that could've caused hives, and plunge you back into a new round of hives. (And yep, there are no sick days off for being a mom!)

Even now, I'm scratching and itching as I write this post. It's a little better now. But, I'm praying every night I go to sleep, that I'll wake up the next day with no more hives.

My doctor told me that it takes time for the body to recover from hives, time for the immune system to shut down whatever's causing the hives. For some it could be days, weeks, or even months. And for some chronic cases, years!

Terrible, huh? I am getting better now, after some weeks. I'll never take being scratch-free for granted after this episode... So, here I am back in the saddle!


Joe Chen said...

Oh, poor girl! I hope you'll find the source of the hives. Tina got a temp case of it after eating soft shell crabs. Her whole body and face was blotched for a while, but it went away after her body recovered.

Vered said...

Wow. I am so sorry you had to go through this! I'm glad you're feeling better. Chances are, it was a one-time thing. At least I hope so!

Bonnie Gray said...

Thanks, Joe and Vered, for coming to my mini pity party! I'm pretty miserable. ;) It's hard not to get grumpy when everything just itches and burns! You know, going through stuff like that is 10x harder as a mom and working!

Texas Gal said...

I have had hives off and on ever since I was a little girl and my grandmother used to pack me in ice. The ONLY thing that ever worked for me was the very LAST resort back then, but was to get a cortisone shot. I had to suffer a long time before they would even consider this, and then I would be well for a long time.

I've had hives off and on since February of this year, but just recently my hives have been worse than I've had them in years. At first I thought it was my Blue & Gold Macaw that I bought in November 2007, but I've had birds for the last 30 or more years of my life, and then I thought it could be the Zoloft I got off of and started taking again after 4 mos., perhaps I'll never know what it was that caused it this time. I am glueten-intolerant, so I don't eat anything with wheat or flour in it.

I feel like I've been in HELL the last 7 days with HIVES! I've taken mega doses of Benadryl and Zertec, taken tepid oatmeal baths, ice packs & more ice packs, boiled mint, oregano, basil & echinacea leaves with tea and still no relief. I went to bed last night with ice packs under my butt and on the tops of my feet, my hands looked like "catchers mitts" and hurt beyond words can describe. I've cried a MILLION tears...the pain of the itching has been so unbearable that I thought I would rather die than go through another minute of this personal hell! I went to an Allergist today and finally got the famous steroid shot, and he gave me 5 days worth of Prednisone pills (to take 2 each day). The hives started dissipating, but then they showed back up tonight. The hopelessness started returning. Finally, I remembered my friend telling me that Oil of Oregano was a miracle oil so I started spreading it all over my arms, where the hives were the worst and within 15-20 minutes the hives were gone from my arms! I have to say that I also took another Prednisone pill during this time, but don't think it could have worked as fast as it did, so I really believe there is something to this Oil of Oregano I bought at Whole Foods! I wanted to share this with all those people out there who are suffering from this hidious rash that is dibilitating for some of us. It is my worst nightmare when it comes on! After trying Atarx and the 5 day Dose Pak twice in a couple mos. time, Allegra 180, Zantac, Zertec, Claritan and God only knows what else, I would never have believed that this Oil would be my saving grace! God bless all of you out there who are or have experienced this. I hope you are able to get some relief, as I finally have.

Texas Gal said...
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Lesley said...

Suffering is the word for this condition ,,I was just praying ,and I truly heard God say ,Oil of Oregano .So I went to the "vitamin cupboard" ,and found the bottle of little perles of Oil Of Oregano ,took two ,and within A HALF AN HOUR ,the itching stopped ,I looked to where the hives had been ,and they were GOING AWAY!! Even the weird ones on my scalp . I have cats ,and dogs ,don't know what it is ,but this bacterial oil has won the battle .Please ,any researchers out there ,get to work !! HAleluJAH