Monday, May 19, 2008

Peachy Eats: Trader Joe's Alphabet Pasta

I usually don't browse the aisles at Trader Joe's very much (well, any grocery store, really). Because you know, once I strap TJ in his shopping cart cover, the timer starts ticking.

You know how it is with the little squirmers. If you don't have a game plan and a shopping list, you are a fair game for a mini/major meltdown... and lots of dirty looks from innocent bystanders.

One day, though, I got TJ on a good day. He was munching on his goldfish and really content. So after I checked off all my usual food items, I started going down the aisles and browsing (still at a moderately fast pace, mind you).

We love pasta. As I scanned the yummy carb section, a new package caught my eye. It may have been there for months, for all I know. But, because I had a bit of leisure to notice, I got really excited.. Alphabet Pasta!

I had been looking for quite a while for the little alphabet pasta I used to eat as a youngin'. But, the only thing I could find were the canned version with the tomato sauce. I wanted just the regular dry pasta.

TJ has been going through a downturn in his eating lately. It's been super frustrating to make his food, only to have him frown and make faces at it. So, when I saw this, I totally snagged it.

As a plus, it was organic. Oooo, fancy shmancy.. geez, these kids get the darndest best.

Anyways, I got home that night, super eager to cook up dinner. Here is my favorite Chicken Alphabet Soup Dinner:

1. I whipped out my frying pan and cooked breast tenders (10 min) each side.

2. After 10 min, I flip the chicken over one side and, I boil the alphabet pasta for the remaining 10 min.

3. At the same time, I boil some spaghetti pasta for hubby and me during the same 10 min.

4. On the 4th burner, I sautee some broccoli on med for 5 min covered, turning over now and then.

5. Once the pasta is done & drained, I break open a carton of Pacific Fresh Organic Chicken Broth into the pot and boil.

6. I chop up the chicken and voila, dinner is served! Alphabet soup version for TJ, and long soup noodles for the grown ups!

We love this meal because it's tasty, healthy, fast and fun. That night, TJ needed no help at all. No threats needed to gobble down this pasta! With every bite, he was hunting for the alphabets and loved eating the letters.

We now call him the "Pasta Monster"! Enjoy!


Smiling Mom said...

Oh! Fantastic. I've been looking for these. I'm going to pick some up today. Thanks for the tip.

Bonnie Gray said...

Smiling Mom: Oh, good! I hope there will be another happy pasta monster!

Anonymous said...

I need your help! Trader Joes discontinued this pasta and my daughter will eat only it! I contacted Trader Joes and they said that if they get enough requests they may bring it back. Please let them know how much we like it! Thanks!