Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Peachy Baby Giveaway! Simply Organic Shopping Cart Covers

We just launched a new collection of organic shopping cart covers for Just Peachy Baby, called Simply Organic!

In celebration of our new organic additions, we have also received our first glowing review from CoolMomPicks, who is offering a Extra-Cool Giveaway! After months of hard work to add these eco-friendly cart covers to our collection of premium cotton prints, nothing beats the thrill of seeing our new organic cart covers wrapped up in a great review.

Check out the review and enter the Extra-Cool Giveaway CoolMomPicks! - enter by midnight tonight

Can you help spread the word and forward to friends and family?! There is no better referral than my online friends passing the news on! Thank you so much!

Remember to apply the special 10% Discount Code: JPBORGANIC (exp. 5/31/08 - good towards any organic purchase)

Here's the scoop on the Simply Organic cart covers:

Eco-conscious Mommies and Daddies will love living the green life grocery shopping with our Simply Organic Shopping Cart Covers. Unlike other shopping cart covers on the market, ours are earth-friendly, chemical-free AND ultra-chic. Here are the features that set Just Peachy Baby apart from the rest of the pack:

1. 100% Certified Organic Fibers. We use organic fabrics that are pure from harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This is good news for babies with very sensitive skin where the slightest irritants may cause discomfort or allergic reactions. Available now in Calm Green, Petal Pink, and Sky Blue.

2. Non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes. We custom dye all our organic cart covers using only non-toxic inks and dyes, which is safe for people and the environment. We do not use harmful chemicals, making our fabrics gentle to babies and the earth.

3. Naturally anti-microbial. Our lightweight fleece is uniquely soft, made from a special blend of organic cotton and hemp fibers. Naturally anti-microbial hemp stays fresh with breathability, the ideal choice to help protect against germs.

4. Exclusive G-Free™ Bacteria Resistant Padding that resists mold and mildew (patent-pending). The padding is chemical-free and formaldehyde-free, without acrylic resins or fumes.

5. Handmade in the USA, sweatshop free.

When you choose a Just Peachy Baby Simply Organic Cart Cover, you are purchasing a 100% sustainable and biodegradable product, that is recyclable, resusable and earth-friendly.

To view the collection, please visit:



Vered said...

My kids are big... but I emailed this to a few friends, posted on Facebook and will tweet it once twitter is back (seems to be down right now).

Good luck! I wish I had one of these when T an Y were small!

Bonnie Gray said...

Wow - thank you, Vered! What a great online friend! :) Yeah, I actually get quite a number of moms who stop me when I'm grocery shopping to say they wish these were available during the earlier baby/toddler years.